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The Art of The Molecular Charisma.

"The Art of The Molecular Charisma" course is the third and concluding step in the comprehensive "Get Up & Talk" program.

At this level we are expanding our capabilities to convey messages and break through the walls that surround our oen communication style.


At this stage we will learn and practice:

✔ "Personal Charisma" - Practicing a wide range of charisma types using the "Madame" technique.

✔ "Theatrical hypnosis" - Conveying messages to any type of audience.

✔  "Wake up the sleepers" - Eradicate any monotonous and upgrading a boring presentation to an effective and thrilling event.

✔ "Powerfull Pitch" - a session of personal presentation on stage.

✔ "Breaking Walls" - a unique session from the world of psychodrama where each of us breaks his personal boundaries.


In this part we get to experience and learn:

✔ Charismatic communication skills that have a significant impact on all areas of life.

✔ Professional video of a pitch lecture for advertising and personal marketing.

Male Speaker
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