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The Art of The Spontaneous Mingling.

"The Art of The Spontaneous Mingling" is a frontal, experiential and exclusive workshop.

It allows us to learn in a natural environment of mingling over a luxurious breakfast.

In the workshop we turn the tools into a live experience where we learn hands on:
✔ How to stand out and create a great first impression.
✔ Make significant contact in a short time.
✔ Dealing with social anxiety and "Stage Fright".
✔ How to read situations and harness them for our benefit.
✔ How to absorb the energy in the room and influence it.


One-time opportunity:
✔ Personal exposure - an opportunity to tell our story to the group using the tools of the workshop.
✔ Meet great people and make new connections.
✔ Give ourselves a rich and inspiring experience.

Price: 785 NIS

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