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Lectures, Workshops and Seminars for companies and organizations.

Looking for the perfect lecture for your employees?

The most effective course that will provide proven skills to your managers?

An enriching and inspiring workshop for your team?

I'm pleased to announce that I've conducted hundreds of lectures, workshops and seminars to a variety of companies, organizations and Corporations. in English, Hebrew & German.

Contact us and together we will build the best lecture, workshop or seminar for you. Depending on your goals, the time you have to invest and your budget.

Topics like: 

✔ Business storytelling.

✔ Management influence and charisma.

✔ Leadership and motivating skills.

הילה עופר הרצאות לארגונים
הילה עופר סדנה לצוות

How do you build the perfect workshop for your team?

Starting with a phone call or a zoom meeting, we can create the best lecture for you, The most effective workshop or course for your organization.

All in three steps:
✔ Identifying your business goals.

✔ Choosing the nature of the meeting.

✔ Selecting the relevant topics.

סדנה בהתאמה אישית

Identifying your business goals:

As part of building the perfect lecture, workshop or course for you, we will start by identifying what is most important to you & your team:

Inner organizational goals such as:

✔ Creating a unified language for effective communication between departments.

✔ Team leadership and motivation skills.

✔ Resolving internal organizational conflicts.

Other goals such as:

✔ Preparing a professional presentation and presenting it in front of clients.

✔ Preparing and conducting brilliant media interviews.

✔ Charisma and influence abilities in front of Colleagues, clients and other audiences.

Choosing the nature of the meeting:


We will identify the optimal framework in order to implement the professional and business goals .

Refining what skills are required in order to reach these goals in the most effective way.

Once we have determined the duration of the event and the budget, we can choose from a variety of options, for example:

✔ Inspiring and short lecture. 

✔ Experiential half-day workshop.

✔ A full day workshop with simulations.

✔ A comprehensive and in-depth seminar that combines a variety of skills.

✔ Monthly Annual accompaniment.

✔ Personal coaching for the managing team or individual as needed.


הילה עופר קורסים לחברות

Selecting the topics that are important to you:

Personal and media empowerment:
✔ Development of mental flexibility and creative thinking.
✔ Providing tools for non-verbal communication and body language.
✔ Dealing with objections and reservations.
✔ Developing the ability of spontaneous response and spontaneous speech.

Management skills:
✔ Development of charismatic leadership abilities.
✔ How to motivate the team.
✔ Preparation for new employee interviews and effective feedback to existing employees.
✔ Sharpening the messages and values of the organization.

Professional presentation and lecture:
✔ Preparing an "elevator speech" while creating an effective first impression.
✔ Build and submit high-level professional presentations.
✔ Techniques for on-stage selling through storytelling.
✔ Powerful tools to overcoming Stage Fright.

Upgrade presentation in front of a camera:
✔ Improvisation capabilities in front of a camera.
✔ Influencing techniques in front of the camera.
✔ Interview skills in the media.
✔ Leading meetings in Zoom.

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