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Courses, Lectures, Workshops and Personal Coaching on:

Speaking in front of an audience
Communication and influence
Preparation for interviews
Creating a marketing lecture


My story

Hi, my name is Hila Ofer.

Expert in communication skills and developer of the "Get up and Talk" method .

The method combines advanced concepts and theories from the field of business and interpersonal communication and allows everyone to express themselves authentically and inspire.

Over the years I have accompanied hundreds of accelerators, companies and international organizations, and some of the largest corporations.

I currently serve as a communications consultant to Knesset members and accompany CEOs and executives prior to a media appearance and business presentation.

I have conducted hundreds of workshops and courses for business owners, employees, and the general public, in Israel and internationally.

I believe it all starts and ends with our communication skills with people.

Charismatic abilities and excellent interpersonal communication determine our professional, social and personal success.

"Either you have it or you do not have it?"

The good news is, you can learn it.

The wealth of specializations and experiences that I bring with me along with many years of practice allow me to identify the potential inherent in each one and give him exactly the tools and skills he or she needs to lead, influence and enjoy it.

הילה עופר לקום ולדבר
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