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The Art of The Magnetic Impact.

"The Art of The Magnetic Impact" course is the second phase in the comprehensive "Get Up & Talk" program.

While in the first stage we analize our communicative DNA and created a powerful connection to our internal engine, in this stage we crack our own or our product's story and pour it into an unforgettable presentation.

During the seminar, participants practically take the stage in each session and practice the material learned in course.


At this Course we will learn:

✔ "The Theory of Rhetoric" - Development of rhetorical skills by learning techniques and models from the world of rhetoric.

✔ "The Thinking Roadmap" - Creating a coherent map and frame story for our presentation.  

✔ "Functional storytelling" - harnessing the storytelling secrets for everydays life and business.

✔ "The Attention magnet" - building a mesmerizing opening to our presentation.


We return back home with:

✔ A mesmerizing presentation based on powerful models and techniques on a professional or personal topic.

✔ Ability to stand in front of an audience, inspire and create the WOW effect.

✔ The ability to influence and motivate a call to action to any type of audience.  

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