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Get up & Talk - The Program

One of the most comprehensive program in the world in the field of communications.


Interpersonal and stage communication skills, speaking in front of an audience, building and presenting a professional content, preparing for conferences, marketing presentations, storytelling, influencing skills and charisma.

Over 60 academic hours + bonuses

The program includes the courses:

✔ The Art of Our Inner Power

The Art of The Magnetic Impact

The Art of The Molecular Charisma

🎁 Bonus:"The Art of The Spontaneous Mingling" 

Dozens of companies and hundreds of executives have been exposed to the method up to date.


The process is based on an applied experiential methodology and includes learning and practical experience in a professional and enabling environment.

Upon completion of the "Get up & Talk" program, participants receive a certificate.


What are the skills learned in the program - "Get up & Talk?

The full program includes many topics such as:

✔ Applied skills and tools of interpersonal communication.

✔ Development of leadership abilities.

✔ Expanding the administrative toolbox.

✔ Improving performance skills in front of people.

✔ Development of spontaneous speaking abilities in both professional life and daily life.

✔  Breaking boundaries in mental and psychological barriers.

✔ Presenting a professional presentation in an authentic, sweeping and charismatic way.

✔ Body language and non-verbal communication.

✔ Development of charismatic leadership abilities.

✔ Techniques for constructing a professional, influential and persuasive speech in accordance with legal regulations.

✔ Methods for Memorizing Speeches.

✔ Assimilation of messages in a frontal performance by inserting intentions behind the words.

✔ Storytelling: Conveying messages through a story.

✔ Establishing content and using rhetoric.

✔ Sharpening professional messages into clear and meaningful language.

✔ Self-presentation, initial impression and elevator speech.

✔  Improvisational skills, creative thinking and mental flexibility.

✔ Powerful tools for managing Stage Fright.

✔ Building influential speeches that convey the message.

✔ Refining messages and their assimilation in a frontal performance.

✔ Tools for building a visual presentation that supports the presenter and enhances the message.

✔ Techniques for diversifying the text and how it is presented.

✔  Techniques for persuasion, influence and motivation for action.

✔  Techniques for reading the secret language behind the words.

✔ and more ...

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